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Aviva Shapiro

Aviva Shapiro is a classically trained painter, sculptor, ceramicist and art historian.  Her career as an artist began with her MFA from Columbia University in 1989. She has taught, lectured and studied in the USA & Europe; held curatorial and research positions with museums and galleries including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NY; and received numerous prizes and awards.

Her journey into goldsmithing began in 2012. “On the practical level of craft, my pieces are made from 22 and 20k gold combined with precious and semi-precious stones, suitable to wear every day, for any occasion. The human spirit is the life-energy coursing through all art forms. This is particularly true of goldsmithing: the work is created not merely to please the eye, but adorn, highlight and embellish the human form in all its beauty, mystery and imperfection. My goal is to bejewel, not exaggerate, the body of the wearer. I strive in my work to complement the personal aesthetic of the collector as naturally, organically, and creatively as possible.”

“Three decades studying, working with, and associating with artists, sculptors, and poets as well as goldsmiths have taught me that all creators true to their calling are, in Bob Dylan’s phrase, ‘knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door.’ We must study the great works of the past and present, spend all available time and energy mastering craft, perfecting skills, harnessing what energies and talents we possess to draw aesthetic life from “the materials,” which in nearly all cases begin stubbornly as inert matter. The best artists I’ve known are not content to produce mere pretty things, but seek, as I do, to combine the natural spirit or essence of these materials with the artist’s own style and inspiration; to coax life and personality from material that will forge its
new identity as a work of art.” – Aviva Shapiro

Aviva Shapiro Jewellery Collection

Dreaming Byzantium Necklace 2018

Aviva Shapiro


Garlands Earrings 2015

Aviva Shapiro


Red Janus Earrings 2018

Aviva Shapiro


Caribbean III Ring 2018

Aviva Shapiro


Mercury Soft-Shoe Too Earrings 2017

Aviva Shapiro


Vieux Amis II Earrings 2017

Aviva Shapiro


Dr. Ecklesburg Over Seas III Earrings 2017

Aviva Shapiro


Blue Concerto Too Earrings 2017

Aviva Shapiro


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