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Chama Navarro

COMING SOON: Eclectic Artisans is delighted to welcome Chama Navarro to the collective. Her fabulous work will soon be available for purchase. At the moment, she is hard at work in her studio, creating contemporary jewellery that will be worth the little wait. Make sure you check back soon to see her work, or join our newsletter for updates on when new artisans' work is available.

I am Chama Navarro, and through this gallery I would like to show you my passion, which has become my job for the last 15 years of my life. In my workshop in Madrid, I work with blowtorched glass. I make pieces of glass and contemporary and experimental jewelry. In my collections I combine different materials, looking for shapes and textures to achieve original pieces.

My work is completely handmade, with sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly materials. I experiment with new materials that generate visual and tactile sensations in my contemporary jewelry pieces. I believe that sustainability in jewelry is undoubtedly a commitment to the future, targeted at intelligent and aware consumers who have opted for a more humanized scale of values and where not everything goes.

I like the idea of conveying through my work that there are ecological and sustainable forms of production to create unique and original jewelry. I believe that the sustainable production of jewelry promotes the development of new local business models in which ethics and sustainability are compatible with the development of projects.

Chama Navarro Jewellery Collection

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Chama Navarro


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