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Fabiana Fusco

Her favourite technique is lost wax microsculpture. “Being able to hold the little figure, often no more than 1-2 cm, turn it on itself with the simple movement of the wrist, allows me to give the figures grace and harmony of movement and proportions.” When she creates a piece she is mindful of making an object that is both comfortable to wear and that is true to the story - Fabiana’s experience and passion for dance. She hopes that when the buyer wears the jewellery, only a few centimetres from their heart, they may recognise and feel it as a part of themselves. Fabiana sees these pieces as wearable sculpture.Fabiana Fusco delights in the moving human figure. For her, movement suggests and evokes moments and emotions, music and dance steps in a world that rests delicately on the neck and wraps gently around our fingers or whispers in our ears. Through jewellery Fabiana tells us what touches her heart.

A passion for drawing led her to attend the Art High school. Originally, sculpture, wasn’t Fabiana’s favourite subject. Subsequently, she explored goldsmithing techniques, first drawing rings and necklaces of notable 20th century jewellery designers, then studying with a jeweller in Rome. After, completing a degree in the History of Art and attending the Academy of the Gold Arts of Salvatore Gerardi, Fabiana started her atelier.

For Fabiana, jewellery is an essential link between family generations, often emblems of bonds and promises, resisting the flow of time keeping their history of stories and memories alive.

Fabiana Fusco Jewellery Collection

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