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NVR Nude

Kelsey Merkeley was raised in a peaceful lakeside community in Canada, surrounded by the simple elegance of nature.  Her family celebrated both simplicity and glamour, with curiosity always at the forefront.  Kelsey’s Grandfather used to bring her jewels from afar, where he would travel as a volunteer surgeon. Her grandmother adorned clothing and jewellery spanning decades, and gave Kelsey a strong and glamorous figure to begin to emulate as a child, teaching her of the subjective, timeless and constantly evolving ideals of beauty.

Following high school, Kelsey traveled extensively followed by studies in Anthropology as well as Jewellery and Metalsmithing. She then completed two Goldsmithing Apprenticeships, followed by further technical, business and brand development training at institutes such as the Gemological Institution of America. Kelsey now resides in Florence, Italy, where she is completing her Masters in Jewellery Making. 

Her worldview and artistic vision are closely related, with a clear emphasis on simplicity, discovery and love.  Kelsey sees her task as an artist as to ‘play’ with the raw materials provided to her by nature, with a focus on endlessly discovering new forms of expression through shape, color, texture, sound, temperature and weight.  She designs her jewellery to last several lifetimes, allowing her clients to express their beauty well beyond their time with a new family heirloom.

NVR Nude Jewellery Collection

Together Ring

NVR Nude


Duality Ring

NVR Nude


Baja in Bloom Ring

NVR Nude


Stillness in the Sea Ring

NVR Nude


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