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Arual Dem

Laura De Martino aka Arual Dem explores the concepts of identity and diversity. She wants to highlight the unique beauty of every women, inherent in the nuances of each individual. Her motto is "BE UNIQUE, BE YOURSELF”.

Nature and music are her twin muses.  In all of Laura’s pieces, everything is natural, recycled or recyclable, because she believes it is important to have a sustainable choice in contemporary jewelry. Her work is also infused with a passion for Japan and the ancient art of origami.

Predominately working with paper (recycled paper; paper from magazines and books; marbling paper, silk screened paper, valuable paper, photographic paper and so on…), she adds lava stones, lapis lazuli, malachite, river pearls and metallic elements in sterling silver. Using origami techniques, she folds, cuts, glues and finishes each piece by hand.

Laura has been published in Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair and exhibited internationally. In her spare time she also works as a graphic designer, illustrator and street artist.

Arual Dem Jewellery Collection

Brugo Round "Queen of the Night" Earrings

Arual Dem


Fibonacci 5 necklace

Arual Dem


Brugo Big Round Pendant

Arual Dem


AO Snake necklace

Arual Dem


AO1 "Queen of the Night" necklace

Arual Dem


AO3 Necklace

Arual Dem


Fibonacci 2 earrings

Arual Dem


AO2 Necklace

Arual Dem


Fibonacci Spiral necklace

Arual Dem


Infinity Pendant

Arual Dem


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