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Asagi Maeda

My favourite motif is a box, or more specifically, a box as a container. It contains a world inside that is separated from the outside world. The possibilities of the inside world are limitless. I like that the box can overflow with my imagination.

Various feelings, memories, and thoughts are like a universe that exists inside every person. By introducing one universe to another, endless intertwined stories are happening on this earth right now. And I am living as one of the main characters in one of those stories.

This knowledge inspires me with a courage so strong that I can drive all cares away.

I am motivated by meeting new people and things. I feel then that the universe inside of me expands a little bit more. I think that the real jewel is the heart. Like imagination, like the universe, it expands.

Eyes are the windows of the endless world inside. Shiny eyes, those touched by the world around them, are the most beautiful gems.
I would like to create jewelry that penetrates and brightens the eyes of those who see it. I would like to deliver my heart to your heart.

I keep creating my jewelry with this idea in mind.

Asagi Maeda Jewellery Collection

Washroom Ring

Asagi Maeda


A Bird in a Cage, Out of a Cage Earrings

Asagi Maeda


Speech Balloon Necklace

Asagi Maeda


Sky Colored Balloon Earrings

Asagi Maeda


Single Cube Earrings

Asagi Maeda


The Little Prince Earrings

Asagi Maeda


Taking a Walk Under the Moonlight Necklace

Asagi Maeda


3 People Necklace

Asagi Maeda


Rowing a Boat Under the Moonlight Necklace

Asagi Maeda


Kiss Ring

Asagi Maeda


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