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Kath Inglis

Kath Inglis is known for her bold-coloured jewellery made out of PVC plastic, a material she has been working with throughout her career which started in 2001.

Kath says she makes from her experiences, with her work becoming an autobiography of thoughts.

Simple hand-worked processes are used to make her pieces— her signature bangles for example are made applying colour manually, removing pieces from the surface with carving tools or adding heat-fused layers, and attaching silver hand-stitched joins.  

Kath has a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Jewellery + Metalsmithing) from the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia, and has trained at the South Australian craft and design body, Jam Factory.

The Art Gallery of South Australia, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, and Territory Craft in Alice Springs, all in Australia, have acquired Kath’s pieces in their collections.

Kath Inglis Jewellery Collection

Water Hole Cuff

6 Colours Available

Kath Inglis


Water Hole Studs

5 Colours Available

Kath Inglis


Crystal Cuff

3 Colours Available

Kath Inglis


Rain Studs

5 Colours Avaliable

Kath Inglis


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