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Patricia Bromley-Marks


Eclectic Artisans is delighted to welcome Patricia Bromley-Marks to the collective. Her fabulous work will soon be available for purchase. At the moment, she is hard at work in her studio, creating contemporary jewellery that will be worth the little wait. Make sure you check back soon to see her work, or join our newsletter for updates on when new artisans' work is available.

My life revolves around jewels, pearls and metals and has done so for over 20 years.

It has been a sense of place that has kept me moving forward in design. Coming from one island  - Jersey in the Channel Islands – and now living in Tasmania, Australia, the sea and island life have been great influences. They are referenced in my use of pearls, organic forms and colours of the sky reflected in the sea. Sand morphs into granulation; coral and shells into gold and silver; gemstones and pearls into the sky and sea…and of course there are the famous Australian opals reflecting almost anything you wish to see in them.

I like working directly with the metals, only doing rough sketches as a guide. A private gold smithing course with a German tutor in Queensland set me off on this fabulous journey. It is a journey with many twists and turns, influenced by travel and sometimes unexpected access to either rare, unrepeatable items, or what some may call eccentric materials, the introduction of everyday components, which by their juxtaposition with precious metals, make them special in themselves.

From complex handmade chains to the simplest of rings, all of this makes me joyful.

Patricia Bromley-Marks Jewellery Collection

Untitled Necklace

Patricia Bromley-Marks


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