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Slawa Tchorzewska

From Poland, she makes whimsical, colourful and label-defying pieces. While suggesting everyday experiences, her jewellery is just as comfortable in a haute couture environment.

Sława Tchórzewska uses conventional and alternative materials such as foil, plastic, wood, resin etc., and she is an expert in Baltic Amber.

Influenced by nature, she relies on those experiences that touch her soul to inspire her jewellery. Always colourful, never dull, wearing them inspires confidence.

Slawa has won numerous awards, and her jewellery is in both public and private collections.

Slawa Tchorzewska Jewellery Collection

Green Baltic Amber Brooch

Slawa Tchorzewska


Biomorphic Brooch

Slawa Tchorzewska


Green Necklace

Slawa Tchorzewska


Houtcuture Upcycling Pendant Necklace

Slawa Tchorzewska


Surreal Blossom Ring

Slawa Tchorzewska


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