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Alison Nagasue

Luisa Dumortierite Ring

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The Luisa Dumortierite Rings is reminiscent of fireworks or blossoming flowers. The newly discovered and popular gemstone Dumortierite is highly sought after for jewelry. Only the clear and best formations within the stone make the grade. It has a unique and ethereal fascinating quality. The design had to be simple with simple details not to upstage the center stone. Only high karat 18K green gold and beading on bezel with satin finish would do. The band has a beaded row and a rib row to keep in the design theme. This is the embodiment of a Power Ring. Through the underside of the bezel, you can view into the Dumortierite. Each gemstone will vary slightly in clarity, number of fireworks and color.

This ring can be reproduced in other sizes, please contact us at to enquire.

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