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Aurelia Yeomans

Stone Slice earrings

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These earrings tell stories of the wild and untamed beauty of our planet. Inspired by the geology and geography the earth's terrain, these long yet lightweight earrings look as though they are made of stone.

Handmade with solid 9 karat yellow gold tops and enamelled mild steel drops. Based on the temperature, time and enamel used, this kiln firing process can yield varied results of colour, texture and pattern. As such, each pair has its own character and is distinctly unique.

A similar (but not exact) pair of these earrings can be reproduced with other precious metals such as 14kt or 18kt yellow gold or sterling silver. Please contact us at to enquire.

*Stud earrings are attached through a pierced ear with 9kt yellow gold butterfly backings.


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Product Details
Material(s) Mild steel ; enamel ; 9 karat yellow gold ; 9 karat yellow gold butterflies.