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Christine Rozina

Meandering Poetry Collar

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This neckpiece is made of meandering strips of  soft. paperlike sheet-material with Romanticism poem text printed on.

A reminiscence to historical ruffs. 

The texts are excerpts of 18th century poems, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman. Each piece is different from the other due to the text and the weaving of the printed strips.

The sheet material is waterproof and allows squeezing - no tearing and folding will appear, so the loops stay in shape.

This neckpiece is meant to be worn rather tight-fitting and looks perfect with big décolletée or on a tight turtle neck.

Particular poems or personalised text can be used as well; please submit your text to 

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Product Details
Measurements This piece is made in a length of app. 55 cm / 22", which makes an inner measurement of 45 cm / 18" when worn.
Material(s) Artificial paper, jewellery string, magnetic closure