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Fabiana Fusco

Walking on the Death - Migranti collection

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This collection comes from the most recent political and economic events that involved migrants. All those people who try to improve their lives, to escape from  war, to entrust their children to an unknown destiny in the middle of the sea in order to give them the opportunity to grow out of their country. The sea, a wall, the obstacles to be overcome and hundreds of stories that tell about people doesn’t survive just tring to escape to those who despite the dead continue to flee. Each piece of jewelery is made in lost wax by building a little man by little man in a few centimeters and using epoxy resin to suggest the idea of ​​water.

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Product Details
Measurements lenght: 60cm/23,62" width: 8cm/3,14"
Material(s) 925 silver, red and yellow bronze, epoxy resin,