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Firecrafted Handmade Jewellery

Black Pebble Brooch

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At the heart of this brooch lies a black beach pebble which is naturally part shiny.  One side of the brooch presents a cluster of three sculpted feathers, each carefully handcrafted. The opposite end reveals a double-layered lace-inspired motif.

The unique pebble serves as the focal point of the brooch and is held securely in place with sterling silver prongs.  The back pin securely fixes the brooch to your chosen wear and is also in sterling silver.

This brooch is not only a fashionable accessory but also a versatile one that can effortlessly grace your favourite jacket, scarf, or hat.

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Product Details
Measurements Measuremnent: 6cm-3cm / 2.36"-1.18"
Material(s) Bronze; beach pebble; sterling silver