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Hesti Wade

Happy [insert here!] Ring

  • Product Code: HW-ZAF-05-1838
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The Happy [insert here!] ring was cast in sterling silver off an actual birthday cake candle. The wax drips off the candle and around the finger, pooling underneath the ring shank so that it is able to stand upright when put on a flat surface.

The ring is comfortable to wear, but can also be appreciated on its own as a novelty object.

The ring represents a celebration, using one of the most universally recognisable symbols of a party, the birthday candle!

As a one of a kind item, this ring is unable to be reproduced. However, inquiries for a similar, but not exact replica, are welcome. Please email

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Product Details
Measurements Ring size: J (UK) - 4 5/8 (US) ; Ring height: 56mm / 2.2"
Material(s) Available in sterling silver.