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Jacqueline Johnson

Atlas Cedar necklace

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This uniquely textured necklace, constructed on a flat peyote stitch base, has gold tipped shaped fringe forming mounds that resemble the needle formation of the Atlas Cedar tree.  The color shades from dark in the back to light in the front.

The buttonhole of the clasp has a rectangular shape due to the base stitch construction.  The antique brass button of the clasp must therefore slide into and out of the buttonhole horizontally for ease of use.

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Product Details
Measurements necklace length-width-depth: 43.18cm-3.175cm-1.27cm / 17"-1.25"-.5"
Material(s) 10 colors of small glass beads; gold beads are glass base electroplated with 24k gold; antique brass button; multi-strand nylon thread