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Jacqueline Johnson

Buttoned necklace

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Shaped flat right-angle weave joined with square stitch creates the pronounced ruffled effect of this handmade bead woven necklace.  The buttons and small red disks are all dichroic glass which further enhances the multi-dimensional surface.

The necklace is composed of eight separate sections each joined with the next by a button and buttonhole.  All eight sections form the necklace.  Three sections separated from the rest can be worn as a bracelet.

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Product Details
Measurements necklace length-width-depth: 46.99cm-3.175cm-1.27cm / 18.5"-1.25"-.5" bracelet length-width-depth: 17.78cm-3.175cm-1.27cm / 7"-1.25"-.5"
Material(s) small glass beads in seven colors; gold beads are glass base electroplated with 24k gold; dichroic glass disks; dichroic glass buttons; multi-strand nylon thread