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Jessica deGruyter Found in ABQ

Taygete, "the golden hind" , Pleiades Necklace

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You can see them from just about anywhere humans inhabit Earth--the constellation of the Pleiades.  Their heliacal rise and set mark the growing season and the sailing season.  Astronomy describes them as a hot blue and extremely luminous open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, or M45.  Kiowa and Greek myth describes them as maidens, transformed by gods and transfixed to the heavens to escape the pursuit of monsters.  From maiden to dove to star, the Seven Sisters are there, just over the abyss.

 The Pleiades: Taygete, "the golden hind"

Star blue kyanite gem and blazing feather hold aloft a hind of golden nugget.

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Product Details
Measurements Chain Length: 36cm/25.5"; Pendant Drop: 2.8cm/1"
Material(s) sterling silver; fine silver; silver solder; 18k gold; gold solder; enameled fine silver + 24k gold; acrylic;"Pretty Boy" the pet lovebird molted feather specimen; rose cut kyanite cabochon; gold nugget specimen from Anvil Creek Alaska (1.3g, 22k); ametrine bead