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Palms Oasis

Rustic Love Seat

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This old Teak rustic log has been carved out to reveal an eclectic love seat. The contrasting stainless steel legs and feature vines imaginatively combine to make a fabulous one off feature piece. The Stainless vine finish is created with random welding runs of stainless for something completely different. Size 60x24x44"h

Carbonex is a Crypto currency for carbon. You will receive a Crypto credit per kg (2,2lb) of carbon storage attributed to your teak root. 3 % of your purchase price will be used to fund sustainability projects which you will be updated on as part of our environmental conversation with our family of supporters.

Part of your sustainability investment will go to purchasing 7 trees to be planted by our friends at on your behalf. Instaforest will post a picture of YOUR tree being planted on Instagram with a shoutout to you. So you can prove to your friends and followers you helped build a forest for our endangered tropical medicinal trees in Bali. 1 of our associate organic farmers will be the custodian of your trees which will in time provide them with a regular income from the medicinal trees. Your trees will have GPS coordinantes and soon to be introduced technolgies that will allow you to monitor growth progress. Instaforest will communicate the species of tree sellected on your behalf and share the story on how your contribution is recovering a diabolical environmental situation with the loss of important medicinal indigenous tree species. PS Bali is a perfect tropical paradise for a holiday to visit your trees.

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Product Details
Measurements 60x24x44"h
Material(s) Teak & Stainless Steel