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Palms Oasis

Teak Slice Coffee Tables (3 sizes)

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Size Guide

SMALL conversation coffee tables (slice of teak root). We will provide you with GPS coordinates of where your tree was harvested so you can see replanting is happening. Palms Oasis will keep  you up to date on environmental projects we undertake in Indonesia in order that your tables don't run out of conversations.


                      Glass size        Wood size

X LARGE     40x40"               32x32x2"
MEDIUM     32x32"                24x24x2"

SMALL        22x22"                18x18x2"

2" Teak Root Slice  polished to expose the beautiful grain of this beautiful coffee table. Whitewashed live edge softens the look to give a more appeal across the various interior design themes or keep it natural for a country look. Legs are clear coated rusty quirky reclaimed look without taking away from the exquisite wood grain. Tables stand 18" high with the small end table being 20" high.

The slices of Teak are take from the densest region of the root which delivers the best grain effect with the random nature of the live edge. You may also opt for a matching 4,6 or 8 seat dining table being offered.

These tables are supplied without glass and in a lot of situations customers prefer no glass. Generally you would seek to get a piece of  glass larger than the slice which gives you a much larger table. A 32" sq. slice will take a 40" sq. glass. While we don't supply glass if you pickup the table from the Miami warehouse we will give you the glass free of charge.

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Product Details
Measurements 32x32x18"
Material(s) Teak Root, Steel