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Angela Giuliani

Pull-A-Part Bangle Series

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This unique design will allow you to choose how many bangles you wish to have and an interchangeable colour palette. Using both traditional and new technologies, as well as traditional silversmithing skills, Giuliani has crafted the perfect mix and match bangle using perspex, rare earth magnets and sterling Silver (.925).

How my Bangles work:

By pulling apart the two chosen bangle ends, and then clipping on a singular or several coloured/ monochrome middle unit/s, the wearer can mix and match their bangle configuration for the day.  I have  created a video that demonstrates this action, so prospective buyers can understand my concept - Pull-A-Part Bangle Video  The Pull-A-Part Bangle series only comes in one size - 18 (65mm diameter).

Please note: The  bangles ends need to be purchased first in order for my concept to work. The middle units cannot be worn on their own.

ENDS: 4 variations

Black & Black-  Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x20mm

Black & White- Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x20mm

White & White- Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x20mm

Black & Sterling Silver- Please note that the sterling silver is a special order, therefore can take up to 3 weeks to ship. Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x14mm 

MIDDLE: 15 variations

Transparent Clear-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque White-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Fluro Yellow-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Transparent Yellow-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Fluro Pink-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Orange-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Red-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Grass Green-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Light Green-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Dark Green-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Blue-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Transparent Blue-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Brown-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Transparent Black-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

Opaque Black-Size 18 (65mm diameter) 75x75x3mm

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Product Details
Measurements One size - 18 (65mm diameter)