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Debra Adelson

Oceanic Trench Earrings

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These textured earrings catch the light and change depth of color depending on the angle viewed. Crafted from sterling silver (.925), cold-worked/engraved glass, and sky blue topaz.   

Glass cold-working is a centuries old process which is similar to lapidary work (working with rough gemstones). The material starts in blocks and is manipulated with techniques including cutting, carving, sanding, drilling, and engraving. The glass is kept at room temperature, using water to keep it cool so it does not shatter. I only use the glass in its solid form, no heat is used at all. Each piece has been made individually, no molds are used.

Each piece is signed by the artist, copyrighted, and marked .925

Each earring measures approx. 6cm x 2cm.

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Product Details
Measurements Each earring measures approx. 6cm x 2cm.
Material(s) sterling silver, glass, sky blue topaz.