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Hoogenboom & Bogers

Keshi pearl & sapphire earrings

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Keshi pearl earrings with orange and pink sapphire.
Set in 14K gold.

Keshi pearls are a phenomenon in the world of pearls. They are a natural side effect of pearl cultivation, on the rare occasion that the mussel spontaneously releases a piece of mother of pearl (in addition to "normal" pearls). These pieces of pearl are called "keshi pearls" or "keshis."

Since keshis form completely naturally (and not initiated by man), they often have a characteristic jagged shape. Whoever chooses a piece of jewelry with a keshi pearl, chooses a unique jewel. Think about it: the chance that you'll ever find a completely identical keshi pearl is virtually nil. The quality of Keshi pearls, just like regular pearls, varies greatly. The keshis used by us are among the top 3% of all Keshi pearls in the world.

There is a matching keshi pearl pendant also available.

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Product Details
Measurements Length earrings: 39mm ; Width earrings: 16,5mm ; Sapphire: 2x3mm and 2x2,5mm
Material(s) 14K yellow gold, sapphire 2x3mm, sapphire 2x2,5mm