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Hoogenboom & Bogers

Threads of Life pendant

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The Threads of Life

The threads in this jewellery collection symbolize life. The intertwining threads and piece of molten gold or little spheres represents an event in life. Together they form a delicate balance. The name for this series came from Sannes father. He wrote the poem "The Threads of Life" when he had chosen a threads ring as a present for her mother.

The Threads of Life pendant is in two tone red and yellow 14k gold with 7 flawless Hearts&Arrows diamonds.

A diamond cut with on one side 8 perfect hearts and on the other side 8 perfect arrows. A very special and high-quality diamond cut.

2 x 1.5 mm
1 x 1.75 mm
1 x 2,0 mm
1 x 2.25 mm
1 x 2,5 mm
1 x 3.0 mm

With a total of 0.28ct Hearts & Arrows diamonds in DE/LC

The pendant is approximately 29mm with a gold chain.

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Product Details
Measurements Chain length: 44cm Pendant outside diameter: 29mm
Material(s) 14ct red and yellow gold, 0.28ct Diamond DE/LC