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inSync Design

X2 Large Necklace

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This necklace was cleverly crafted to have two different looks with two separate shapes layered in black, silver or gold to create the perfect balance of restraint and surprise to keep it fresh and interesting. Simply choose your combination. 

All necklaces are very light, hypoallergenic and very comfortable to wear. Each necklace comes with short and long lengths of neoprene rubber to allow for personal preference.

To open the necklace, hold the rubber at the end of the cord and pull it away from the stainless steel piece (as opposed to stretching the neoprene itself). If length shortening is required, simply cut the neoprene rubber with scissors.

Please note that unlike rubber, neoprene does not perish with perfume and the body’s natural oils. 

Available in stainless steel (raw/silver colour), black powder coat or 22k gold plate for the main pebble with the additional feature available in all three colours also, this necklace comes packaged in a beautiful felt wrap for storage. 

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Product Details
Measurements 48 x 35mm (1.88 x 1.37 inch); necklace – approx. 200 x 110mm (7.87 x 4.33 inch)
Material(s) Stainless steel and 22k gold plate