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Leonie Westbrook

Entwine Brooch

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This whimsical brooch is crafted using the metal alloy Monel, with a stainless steel pin. Monel is normally associated with the Aeronautical industry or submarine construction! Westbrook has used its properties of high strength to great advantage. Starting with a single flat piece of Monel, the ovals are cut and then folded out in opposite directions, becoming smaller with each fold. The Monel is oxidised to give it a dark grey appearance. As with all of Westbrook's brooches, they are highly collectible and infinitely wearable. 

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Product Details
Measurements 70mm (length) x 45mm (width) x 30mm (depth/height).
Material(s) Crafted using the metal alloy Monel, with a stainless steel pin.