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Luana Coonen

Meye Draped Necklace

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Unique natural materials set between two layers of polycarbonate, framed in an oxidized sterling silver 'draped' oval with on ombre finish. This necklace lets you enjoy the treasures of nature in your everyday life. The artist hand-gathers all natural materials in Hawaii and Northern California, both of which she calls home. 

Available in:

-Blue Morpho/Peacock: blue morpho butterfly wings from antique collection with naturally collected peacock feathers. 

-Gold Leaf w/ Natural Leaf: naturally disintegrated leaf layers on 22k gold leaf. 

Can be ordered in oxidized (darkened) silver or shiny sterling silver.

Due to availability of natural materials, your leaf, wing and/or feathers will have a natural variation in color and shape than pictured. Each is truly unique, yet will look similar to what is shown. 

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Product Details
Measurements Chain Length: adjustable 39cm-45cm / 15.5"-17.75" ; Chain Drop: 3cm / 1.25"
Material(s) Sterling silver necklace with polycarbonate, and a choice of either 22k gold leaf with a leaf or butterfly wing with lace lichen.