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Valentina Falchi

Brightside Small Ring

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Brightside is a collection totally inspired by what its name implies. A bracelet, two rings and a pin firmly related to its shape but, even more, with its finish. With a slightly rounded triangular section, all the pieces are in  silver and half-bathed in black rhodium which shows us two faces, light and dark, equal but clearly in contrast with each other. An elegant way to remind ourselves every day that there is always a good, positive and optimistic side of thinking and living life.

Size: 21, W 3/4

Measures: width 4,5 mm, thickness 2 mm

Metal: 925 sterling silver and black rhodium bath

NOTE: These rings are produced in size 21 - W 3/4. Considering the cut in the middle, they may fit also on a bit smaller or bit larger size. 

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Product Details
Measurements Size: 21 (US), W 3/4 (UK) ; Measures: width 4,5 mm, thickness 2 mm
Material(s) Silver and half-bathed in black rhodium