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Valeria D'Annibale

Bloom Necklace

  • Product Code: VD-ITA-02-532
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This statement floral themed neck piece is realized through the use of wax carving and rapid prototyping.

The branch is made of oxidised sterling silver and the flowers are 3D printed hand dyed nylon.

The vibrant colours of the flowers contrast with the black silver, giving this piece a dramatic twist.

These necklace is inspired by flower pods and their specific function that is interrupted permanently if opened before time. As a curious child would squeeze the blossoms, the nylon flowers are slightly open to showcase the hidden features inside.

The stem is dull oxidised silver to enhance the glamorous buds.

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Product Details
Measurements Chain Length 84cm / 33 inch Center piece 10.5 cm / 4.15 inch
Material(s) Oxidized sterling silver and 3D printed hand-dyed nylon