4 Advantages of Buying Artisan Handmade Jewellery

Written By: Mark Rosenblatt

Artisan or handmade products such as jewellery are considered to be more authentic, genuine and meaningful as compared to those assembled in a factory. The artisan’s artistic touch is one of the factors that separate handmade products from company-assembled products.

Artisan Jewellery is Harder to Find

Companies mainly major in creating several different pieces that are then assembled to produce one product – this makes it possible for them to mass-produce an item. An artisan, on the other hand, crafts the entire piece from scratch, putting his/her skill into producing a masterpiece. This makes it hard for an artisan to mass-produce a piece of jewellery, with each piece being unique from the other.

Artisan Jewellery can add Value to a Collection

Although you might know this already, artisan handmade jewellery costs more than similar jewellery assembled by a manufacturer. While you will be saving some money buying a company-assembled piece, you won’t get the same quality, uniqueness, and satisfaction that comes with an original handmade piece. Think of it as an original painting by a famous artist compared to a poster print of the same artwork. While the poster print may have the same look, it is just that, a copy. The original piece has the artist’s personal touch hence more authentic. Outlined below are some of the reasons (and advantages) why you should go for a piece of handmade artisan jewellery.

1. The Materials Used are Ethically Sourced

Most artisans are choosy when it comes to sourcing their materials. They spend lots of their valuable time looking for the best quality materials possible for each specific item. It’s only after the artisan has found the right material that he/she can start working on their pieces. The fact that he/she isn’t willing to make compromises thus makes the crafting process a lot more expensive than if alternative (cheaper/ lower-quality) materials were to be used. The artisan may also have to collaborate with refiners and dealers to produce the best quality jewellery possible. This rule, however, doesn’t apply with mass-produced items.

Artisan Piece Featured:
Cleo Hoop Earrings by Mon Pilar

2. Artisans Use High-Quality Durable Materials for Their Pieces

As mentioned earlier, no handmade jewellery is identical to the other. This is because the artisan has to source for not only the right material but also ensure it is of the highest quality possible. Thus, you can be assured that your jewellery, say earrings, will serve their purpose well and last for even longer. Artisan-made jewellery is made to last for years and doesn’t cause allergic reactions due to hidden hard metal or other elements that a manufacturer might use to cut production costs.

Artisans work with smaller orders; hence are capable of providing quality work. This is unlike companies that target the masses, therefore, produce pieces meant to be worn a few times, then discarded like fast fashion. Artisans are thus more capable of maintaining high-quality standards on their jewellery, another reason their pieces are known to last for years without any visible damage.

While it is understandable for one to want a variety of jewellery to choose from, you still need to be assured the piece you go for will last. Most costume jewellery is poorly made, hence their shorter lifespan. The item might break in the middle of a networking event, your first date, or even when a friend tries to examine it. Such can put you in an awkward situation, especially if they ‘looked’ expensive. Handmade jewellery is, however, made of high-quality materials and can last for years with proper care.

3. Some Pieces come with a Fascinating Backstory

Some pieces of jewellery can have a fascinating backstory. A ring, for instance, can be passed down generations without losing its appeal and longevity. Whether handmade or not, the piece you choose to buy today can create a beautiful story. This can range from an anniversary gift or milestone birthday present remembered many years later.

Each custom-made piece of jewellery (like necklaces, pendants, rings and the like) can have a story behind the artisan’s choice of material and design. These pieces help keep records of history, some of which can be emotional and worth remembering. This makes the piece more than just an ornament, but a beautiful piece of art.

4. Each Piece of Handcrafted Jewellery is Unique

A small business expert from Max Funding, Shane Perry says, “Being unique gives a business an edge at the marketplace. The same thing applies to handmade jewellery. No handmade jewellery is similar to the other. While one artist might make the pieces, each will have a variation that makes it unique. Israeli jewels, for instance, are unique in designs, materials, and cultures, among other aspects. The uniqueness of the product makes it stand out from the rest.”

Artisan Piece Featured:
Crescent Cuff by Cheryl Eve Acosta


Artisan jewellery is the best thing that happened to the accessory/adornment industry. You can have a handmade piece made of high-quality materials design to last for centuries. The uniqueness and artistic touch that come with custom handmade jewellery is worth every penny.

Artisan Piece Featured:
Lily Pad Brooch Pendant by Pam Fox