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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

The Eclectic Artisans (EA) is an online gallery showcasing bespoke, handcrafted contemporary jewellery.

Jewellery found through EA tells a story; is valued for the creativity, expertise and passion in which it is crafted; and, is intended to be a lasting and treasured piece in its wearer’s collection.

As makers ourselves, we have a deep understanding and connection to the jewellery world, and take pride in developing relationships with each individual artisan. 

We continually search far and wide for new artisan-made work, so we can offer a carefully curated and ever-growing collection that represents the utmost in quality, craftsmanship and design.

We support both established artisans—whose work is highly collected, award-winning, and is made using innovative techniques pushing the boundaries of design—as well as those emerging in the field. Many of our artisans’ work is exclusive to EA.  

Whether a contemporary jewellery collector or someone who simply appreciates beautifully handcrafted work, through EA we hope you’ll find unique jewellery that transcends seasons and endures the test of time, that is memorable, and infinitely wearable.

The EA Team

The EA Team

Roz Eberhard is the founder and director of the Eclectic Artisans.

Roz has more than two decades experience in the field of contemporary jewellery, including as a designer and maker as well as an extensive history in creative industries administration and teaching.

One of Roz’ many achievements include establishing, and for many years directing, the acclaimed Sydney Jewellery School in Australia, during which time she relished being involved in teaching and mentoring emerging artists, many of whom have gone on to develop their own thriving practices. During this time, she was exposed to some of the best and most innovative artisans in contemporary jewellery, gaining invaluable experience in the successful administration of a multi-faceted creative enterprise.

Working from her studio in Brisbane, Australia, Roz is hands-on as a director and curator at EA, and takes joy in creating a platform for showcasing artisan-made work to the world and supporting her peers in an industry that she is passionate about.

Patricia Harper works as a mixed media artist, moving between the intimate and monumental. Regardless of concept or media (photography, laser cut metals, cast bronze, neon, beads, jewellery etc.) pattern and colour characterise her work.

Originally a marine biologist, she is also a bit of a wanderer (through both circumstance and inclination). Her role at EA is multi-faceted, using her diverse skill base to work in such areas as art director, editor, photographer and research. Patricia also holds the unpredictable role of being Roz’ right hand.

Madeleine Brown studied Gold and Silversmithing at the Queensland College of Art in the 90s and ran her solo jewellery studio for 15 years, concentrating on private commissions, small sculpture and public art. More recently she completed studies in graphic design. She makes her own clothes, washing detergent and compost and would probably prefer she'd been born in the 19th Century, except that she really, really likes the internet. Madeleine is the EA resident graphic designer, project administrator and Roz’ left hand.