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Alison Nagasue

Alison creates jewellery for women who appreciate warmth, beauty, elegance and align with her artistic aesthetics.

Gingko leaves are Alison’s iconic signature theme produced in rich 18K green gold with high quality white diamonds and gemstones. Unique surface finishes and pops of color with beautiful quality gemstones give the collection a distinguished natural look.

The chainmail collection of Power Bracelets is crafted in sterling silver and stainless steel with accents of sterling silver or 14K yellow gold.  All jewellery is made in NYC. The chainmail collection is a power statement about boldness, protection, armour, strength, sensuality, empowerment and simplicity.

Alison Nagasue is a global jewellery design award winner with over 25 years as a designer in the jewellery industry. She received her MFA from Cranbook Academy of Art in Metalsmithing. She has had appearances on QVC, HSN and Shop Channel Tokyo as a guest designer.

Alison Nagasue Jewellery Collection

Bee Hexagon Open Ring

Alison Nagasue


Glitter Glam Hoop Earring

Alison Nagasue


Diamond Knot Ring

Alison Nagasue


Glitter Glam Dangle Earrings

Alison Nagasue


Gingko Cross Necklace

Alison Nagasue


Gingko Power Chainmail Bracelet

Alison Nagasue


Deco Chainmail Power Bracelet

Alison Nagasue


Triple Gingko Necklace

Alison Nagasue


Gingko And Diamond Bracelet

Alison Nagasue


Gingko Enameled Charm Necklace

Alison Nagasue


Spiral Gingko Diamond Ring

Alison Nagasue


Baby Gingko Earring

Alison Nagasue


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