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Berrin Design

As a designer, Berrin Kapusuz has an unwavering passion for creating new things. She reflects her imagination in the jewelry she makes with the inspiration she gets from nature, her environment and her culture. Leaving considerable years behind in her corporate working life, but with the knowledge and discipline she gained until that day, she turned to the field of jewelry design. Since 2015, Berrin has received intensive training from institutions and private trainers.

She founded the Berrin Design brand in 2017 and released her first collection in December of the same year. She attended the International London Jewellery Fair in September 2019 and made several sale agreements to various design shops. Her brand, Berrin Design aims to create unique jewelry for those who appreciate unique, creative, sustainable and timeless pieces.

Berrin Design Jewellery Collection

Mushroom, Nature Inspired Silver Earrings and Gold Plated - Mushroom Collection


Berrin Design


Mushroom, Nature Inspired Silver Earrings Gold Plated/Rose Gold Plated -Mushroom Collection


Berrin Design


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