Sebnem Kurtul



Sebnem Kurtul calls her collection “Joy’ which represents joie de vivre and she believes that the positive energy generated when creating Joy, passes on to the people who wear her pieces. The magical glasswork in Joy is completed with 925 sterling silver either gold plated or oxidized and is available as rings, earrings and pendants. Inspired by natural forms, the Universe and the flow of flameworked glass since childhood, Sebnem designs and hand crafts each of her one of a kind jewelry pieces. She finds glass magical as a material. Melting and shaping glass while playing with colors and forms is exhilarating and very meditative for her. She believes when you speak its language just like any other material, it starts to blossom and puts you in a flow state. Holding a BA in product design, she does graphic designing and children’s book illustration as well. In addition to creating, she also shares her passion of flameworked glass with people in her workshops.

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