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Shauna Burke

While ever evolving in style and design, Shauna finds that her art always comes back to the industrial and psychologically rich landscape of New York City, her home.

She studied metal-smithing at a vocational school in New York City that trained jewellers to work in the diamond district of New York. After her training she studied and taught metal-smithing and jewellery design in Florence, Italy. Her work is hand wrought in silver and gold and is process driven.  All of Shauna’s work is created by hand and she loves the small subtle perfect-imperfections that are pervasive in the handmade.

Shauna Burke is a New York City based artist, art educator and jewellery designer. Inspired by the NYC industrial landscape, Shauna finds the environment tough, gritty and yet exquisite and vulnerable; this disparity comes together in her art where she combines delicate elements with rough cut stones and textural patterns.

Shauna Burke Jewellery Collection

Bejeweled Hive Oval Earrings

Shauna Burke


Hive Remnant Dangle Earrings

2 colors available.

Shauna Burke


Diamonds in the Rubble Brooch

Shauna Burke


Urban Magpie Dangle Earrings

Shauna Burke


Bejeweled Hive Dangle Earrings

Shauna Burke


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