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VIX Jewellery

Vicki Ioannou has been creative for as long as she can remember, collecting all manner of objects since childhood making things out of these items.  Since 2003, Vicki has been a jeweller, working with precious metals and gemstones.  Occasionally, found objects may find their way into a VIX piece.  She makes unique jewellery, inspired by the elements, the fauna and flora of Australia, with each piece being a celebration of high craftsmanship and amazing colourful gems.

VIX Jewellery Jewellery Collection

Gold Mallee Diamond Bangle

VIX Jewellery


Fantasy Druzy Earrings

2 colours available

VIX Jewellery


Olympia Gold Chain

VIX Jewellery


Evening Primrose Necklace

One of a Kind

VIX Jewellery


Olympia Silver Chain

VIX Jewellery


Cruz Earrings

VIX Jewellery


Boronia Seed Case Ring

VIX Jewellery


Bohemian Flower Chain Necklace

2 lengths available

VIX Jewellery


My Little Vintage Rose Stackable Ring

Three metals available

VIX Jewellery


Silver Mallee Bangle

VIX Jewellery


Classic Wedding Band

VIX Jewellery


Cornelia Bracelet


VIX Jewellery


Molten Silver Portal Necklace

VIX Jewellery


Olympia Tourmaline Pendant

VIX Jewellery


Molten Silver Vortex Necklace

VIX Jewellery


Spider Lily Pendant

VIX Jewellery


Theodora Emerald Necklace

VIX Jewellery


Hellene Necklace

VIX Jewellery


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