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Carolyn Barker

Based on Australia's Sunshine Coast, contemporary jeweller Carolyn Barker’s work reflects her local landscapes.

Using shape and colour, her jewellery reveals the essence of a particular place at a moment in time.

Carolyn predominately works with reclaimed precious metals, Australian gemstones, copper and the Japanese alloys shibuichi and shakudo, which she has developed a particular interest in along with their traditional patina (colouring) processes.

Carolyn, who holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Community Development, has won several art awards for work in contemporary jewellery and has held her own solo exhibitions in Australia.

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Carolyn Barker Jewellery Collection

Alluvial Circle Earrings

Carolyn Barker


Alluvial Studs

Carolyn Barker


Alluvial Dragon Pendant

Carolyn Barker


Alluvial Circle Pendant

Carolyn Barker


Green Gold Ring

Carolyn Barker


Alluvial Ring

Carolyn Barker


Ginkgo Leaf Pendant

Carolyn Barker


Fallen Leaf Stud Earrings

Carolyn Barker


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