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Kriket Broadhurst

Kriket Broadhurst’s passion is designing and crafting limited edition collections of gold and silver jewellery which feature beautiful antique sea glass.

Kriket is greatly inspired by the colours of the ocean and the textures and forms created by the ravages of wind and waves along coastlines. She is intrigued by the idea that over time, jewellery that is loved and treasured and when worn regularly becomes a part of us—informing others of our stories and our life journey.

Precious metals, antique sea glass, semi-precious stones, and ceramic are Kriket’s materials of choice. Her timeless pieces are carefully crafted using a variety of jewellery making techniques, from stone setting, sea glass drilling, sculpting, metal forming, intricate soldering and more.

An alumni of Queensland’s James Cook University and Queensland University Technology, Kriket has previously established and run her own gallery in the United Kingdom, and today practices jewellery from a studio in Sydney.

Kriket Broadhurst Jewellery Collection

Long Teal Green Seaglass Gold Necklace

Kriket Broadhurst


Green Seaglass Charm Necklace

Kriket Broadhurst


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