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Philippa Green

“I live in the most beautiful place in the world. This is where I draw my inspiration.”

On a trip to Mexico, Philippa Green discovered a small jewellery school in the beautiful mountain village of Taxco, where she was introduced to the craft of jewellery making. Inspired, she returned to Durban to begin her studies at the local Technickon, earning a diploma in jewellery design. Whilst still studying, Philippa started making bespoke jewellery for her friends for their fashion shows. Over the years, she has worked and collaborated with many South African fashion designers.

Philippa is most well known for her Perspex cuffs which she is embellishes with sterling silver bands, semi precious stones, rubber, beads, cameos and antique buttons she finds in markets.

Her jewellery appears regularly in magazines in South Africa, as well as internationally, including Wallpaper, Japanese and Greek Vogue and Elle Sweden.
She was featured in a book called ‘Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective’ edited by Damian Skinner.

She also collaborates on a range called Nunc Diamond Jewellery with her business partner Ida Elsje where they set diamonds floating inside coloured resin. Her workshop/studio is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Philippa Green Jewellery Collection

Square Split Shank Ring

2 metals available

Philippa Green


Princess Ring Black Spinel Stone Set in Bronze

Philippa Green


Turquoise Pool Bronze Ring

Philippa Green


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