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Casa Kiro Joyas

Although an architect by profession, I always needed to create things with my hands. Jewelry surprised me, allowing me to bring together what I liked to do as a child: tell stories, paint and build objects.

With my work I always seek to discover and understand different aspects of our cultural identity. Since 2010, I divide my time between working for my brand Casa Kiro Joyas and more reflective, personal work.

Using resin, silver, copper and found objects, I create pieces by casting, painting and traditional jewelry making techniques.

I am a member of the Joya Brava Association, Chile, thanks to which I have had the opportunity to present my work in Latin America and Europe. On 2016 I won the Second Prize in the 1st Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Biennial in Argentina.

Although my jewelry studies have been fragmented and self-taught, I have been fortunate to have had tutors such as Jorge Manilla, Attai Chen and Jorge Castañon, among others. - Vania Ruiz

Casa Kiro Joyas Jewellery Collection

Party Queen Earrings

Casa Kiro Joyas


Amoeba Earrings

Casa Kiro Joyas


Carnival Blue Ring

Casa Kiro Joyas


Ear Cover Earrings

Casa Kiro Joyas


Rock Star Earrings

Casa Kiro Joyas


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