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Bangles & Bracelets

Anodised Titanium Poppy Bracelet

2 Colours Available

Sarah Rothe


Bangle "A Trip to the Stars"

Christine Rozina


Bangle "Velvet Book"

Christine Rozina


Becky Opal Gingko Bracelet

Alison Nagasue


Bell Gum Nut Bangle

Shimara Carlow


Boston Fern Cuff

Pam Fox


Bracelet #02 Axel Collection

Lynn Légaré


Bracelet "BOOK VELVET"

Christine Rozina


Bracelet "Hinged Books"

Christine Rozina


Bracelet Woven

Charles Lewton-Brain


Branching bangle

1 metal available

Kate Bajic


Branching Cuff

1 metals available

Kate Bajic


Brightside Bracelet

Valentina Falchi


Buttoned necklace

Jacqueline Johnson


Ciclos Bangles

5 colors available

Cheryl Eve Acosta


Cluster Bangle Pink Fade

2 colours available

Jenny Llewellyn


Confetti Bracelet

Estelle Vernon


Cornelia Bracelet


VIX Jewellery


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Bangles & Bracelets
An easy-to-wear and popular piece of adornment, bangles, bracelets and cuffs by Eclectic Artisans representatives, come in a diverse range of styles, materials and colours to make a statement.

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