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Anodised Titanium Poppy Bracelet

2 Colours Available

Sarah Rothe


Bangle "A Trip to the Stars"

Christine Rozina


Bangle "Velvet Book"

Christine Rozina


Boston Fern Cuff

Pam Fox


Bracelet #02 Axel Collection

Lynn Légaré


Bracelet "BOOK VELVET"

Christine Rozina


Bracelet "Hinged Books"

Christine Rozina


Bracelet Woven

Charles Lewton-Brain


Branching bangle

1 metal available

Kate Bajic


Branching Cuff

Kate Bajic


Brightside Bracelet

Valentina Falchi


Ciclos Bangles

5 colors available

Cheryl Eve Acosta


Cluster Bangle Pink Fade

2 colours available

Jenny Llewellyn


Confetti Bracelet

Estelle Vernon


Crab Pincher Cuff

Delphine Nardin


Crescent Cuff

4 colors available

Cheryl Eve Acosta


Crystal Cuff

3 Colours Available

Kath Inglis



8 colours available

Ann Cox


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An easy-to-wear and popular piece of adornment, bangles by EA-represented artisans come in a diverse range of styles, materials and colours to make a statement.

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