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Tri-color earrings

Shenhav Russo


Triple Daisy Drop Earrings

Diana Greenwood


Triple Nested Cup Pearl Earrings

Robin Cust


Triple Samara Earrings

Nisa Smiley


Turquoise Flow Earrings

2 metals available

Sebnem Kurtul


Turquoise Geo Drop Earrings

Sebnem Kurtul


Twisted Hoops

2 styles available

Naomi Tracz


Two Ovals Drop Earrings

Kathie Murphy


Two Piece Layered Earring

2 styles available

Suzanne Schwartz


Urban Magpie Dangle Earrings

Shauna Burke


Vieux Amis II Earrings 2017

Aviva Shapiro


Water Hole Studs

5 Colours Available

Kath Inglis


Wattle Dot Earrings

6 Colours Available

Bethamy Linton


Wave Earrings

5 colors available

Sebnem Kurtul


Wave Hoops

Andi Terry


White Flag Earrings

Nora Tengely


Winding Breeze Earrings

2 metals available, 5 styles available

Aleksandra Vali


Wire Earrings N7
Order now: available from 14 September 2019
Wire Earrings N7

JAD - Jewellery Art Design


Wire Earrings N7

JAD - Jewellery Art Design


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Earrings are one of the staples of your jewellery collection, and here you’ll find innovative and contemporary artisan-made designs from studs to drop earrings.

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