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Blue and Gold Enamel medium size long Earrings

Lara Ginzburg


Blue and Gold Small Earrings

Lara Ginzburg


Blue Concerto Too Earrings 2017

Aviva Shapiro


Blue/Yellow/Grey Earrings

Laura Jaklitsch Jewelry


Book acorn earrings studs with leaves

book and silver ear studs

Christine Rozina


Book acorn earrings

Christine Rozina


Botanical Gingko Leaves Oval Earrings

Lara Ginzburg


Breath Earrings

6 colours available

Mary Lynn Podiluk


Brisé Earrings



Brugo Round "Queen of the Night" Earrings

Arual Dem


Bug Wings Earrings

Andi Terry


Bushfire Earrings

Robin Wells


Canna Lily Earrings

3 colors available

Pam Fox


Capsule Earrings

Christine Rozina


Cascade Earrings

Jenny Llewellyn


Cascade Single Earring

Suzanne Schwartz


Celestial Sphere Earrings

Tara Lofhelm


Chandelier Earrings

Shenhav Russo


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Earrings are one of the staples of your jewellery collection, and here you’ll find innovative and contemporary artisan-made designs from studs to drop earrings.

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