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3 Leaf Necklace

Nicola Bannerman


3 People Necklace

Asagi Maeda


4 Leaf Necklace

Nicola Bannerman


4 Leaf Pendant

Nicola Bannerman


4 Leaf Pendant Silver

Nicola Bannerman


A Literary Beads Necklace

Christine Rozina


A1A Cube Necklace/Brooch



Acrolect Neckpiece

Mary Lynn Podiluk


Alluvial Circle Pendant

Carolyn Barker


Alluvial Dragon Pendant

Carolyn Barker


Almond Shell Necklace

Raluca Buzura


Anodised Titanium Long Pendant

2 Colours Available

Sarah Rothe


AO Snake necklace

Arual Dem


AO1 "Queen of the Night" necklace

Arual Dem


AO2 Necklace

Arual Dem


AO3 Necklace

Arual Dem


Aquamarine Reversible Medallion

Steff Wills


Arikara Necklace

Lora Nikolova


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