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Blue Curve Necklace

Eleanor Symms


Blue Hole Necklace



Book pages necklace "River of Knowledge"

Christine Rozina


Book Spindle Pendant

Christine Rozina


Branching necklace

1 metals available

Kate Bajic


Breath Neckpiece

2 colours available

Mary Lynn Podiluk


Brisé Chain Light

3 Metals Available



Bromeliad Brooch Pendant

Pam Fox


Brugo Big Round Pendant

Arual Dem


Brunswick Necklace

Allison Hilton Jones


Cage Pendant

Charles Lewton-Brain


Charcoal Velvet Beaded Neckpiece

Melody Armstrong


Chips Necklace

Barbara Becker Simon


Chromophobia Half Cluster Necklace

2 metals available

Jenny Llewellyn


Chromophobia Necklace

Jenny Llewellyn


Circle and Orb Pendant Necklace

Naomi Tracz


Citrine Reversible Medallion

Steff Wills


Concealed Necklace

Steff Wills


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