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Dani Crompton Designs

Copper Pipe Ring

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To create contrast in this organic statement ring I have used highly polished silver with an angular texture, and combined it with gnarly patinated copper. The copper is soft, natural, organic and earthy, balancing on the hard structural silver. Growing out from the life giving natural copper element are tiny sparkling beads just like mosses and spores springing to life from decay. This ring will get noticed both as a work of art that adorns the body while out and about, and as a beautiful sculptural piece on your dressing table.

This ring is inspire by the beauty, colours and textures of the natural world and is one of a kind

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Product Details
Measurements Ring Size : J/K (UK) Ring Height : 1.5 cm – pipe Ring Width : 1cm to 1.5cm -pipe Length : 4.5cm – pipe
Material(s) silver copper glass beads