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Yuca Asami

Beginning BR Bangle

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In Japan, a new era called "Reiwa" started on May 1, 2019.
A Japanese era name is a title used for numbering years in the Japanese calendar system.
From the Meiji period onwards, it became the rule to change era names only when a new emperor acceded to the throne.
The name “Reiwa” comes from ‘Manyoshu’, the oldest Japanese poetry.
The meaning is that “people are beautifully close to each other and culture is born and raised.”
This brass bangle has a concrete and abstract design and looks like people holding hands.
It has both elegance and fun, and gives off a unique presence.

Hope for a world where everything harmonizes and coexists borderless at the beginning of a new era.

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Product Details
Measurements Bangle Inside Diameter : approx 5.0 cm × 5.0 cm
Material(s) Brass