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Casa Kiro Joyas

Ear Cover Earrings

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These are definitely one of my favorites! Bold, colorful and full of little details, these earrings will enhance any look. Because the back pin is located close to the center of the circle, the ear lobe and part of the ear remains completely covered.

Made of epoxy resin and hand painted within layers, each piece is unique. The small beads are articulated, giving them movement. Even though they are big, I still find them very comfortable to wear. They have a sterling silver pin and ear nut.

Each piece is made from scratch, nothing is made en masse. A new mold is created, and all painting and finishing is done by hand. Whilst I take care to have the same patterns, colours and designs, the nature of handcrafted means that there may be slight variations in each piece. Please keep in mind that the picture is referential. Each pair will always be beautiful.

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Product Details
Measurements Earrings Length: 10,5cm; individual earring weight: 15grs.
Material(s) Epoxy Resin, Sterling Silver. Varnish, resin pigments, Ink, beads