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18 Karat Gold Ring

Gold Bold Statement Cocktail Crochet Ring 18 Karat Thread Art Noueau Style

Shenhav Russo


18ct and Diamonds Night and Day Ring

Catherine Marche


18ct Gold Engagement Ring

Shimara Carlow


18ct Gold Eternity Ring

Shimara Carlow


3 Acorn Cup Ring Stack with Diamonds

Shimara Carlow


5 or 3 Acorn Cup Ring Stack

Shimara Carlow


Adagio Ring



Alexa Eternity Gingko Ring

Alison Nagasue


Alluvial Ring

Carolyn Barker


Ancient Stone Wall Ring

Dani Crompton Designs


And the City - Ring III

Leroy Luar


And the City - Ring IV

Leroy Luar


Articulation Ring I

Ieva Mikutaite


Articulation Ring II

Ieva Mikutaite


Atlas Wrap Around 18ct Gold Ring

3 metals available

Catherine Marche


Bark Textured Wrap Ring

Andi Terry


Bausch Solitaire

3 Colours Available



Bermuda Series Ring

Debra Adelson


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Make a statement or investment with one of the most popular of all adornments, rings. Eclectic Artisans representatives feature a range of rings spanning the quirky through to more classic – and you can never have too many in your collection.

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